We promote a safe and nurturing environment for children with ASD and other related disabilities.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to bridging the gap between underrepresented minority families and behavioral health through culturally sensitive services, education, and training.

Our Vision

We envision our center to be a place wherein we can empower and support families by improving the quality of life of their loved ones living with ASD and other related conditions.

woman reading with a young girl

Our Leadership

We believe that no organization runs on its own without the people that help work to ensure its success, and R’Future Wellness & Autism Center isn’t any different. Thanks to our dedicated leaders and staff members, we are well-positioned to provide excellent services to your child and your family.

Our Approach

R’Future Wellness & Autism Center seeks to impact the lives of those with ASD and their families by providing fundamental resources necessary for success. Our key goals are the following but not limited to:

  • Providing adequate behavioral support
  • Educating and training family members
  • Promoting self-sufficiency through evidence-based approaches
  • Helping them function in a variety of social settings, like schools and communities
  • Enhancing their long-term outcomes and quality of life

Get in Touch

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